@ntivirus 0.7.1 UPDATE

@ntivirus 0.7 has at last arrived!
After many months fighting to find good graphists, 0.7.1 arrives with lots of modifications :

The assets and arms animations: create some explicit feedbacks for attacks.

  • The assets have undergone lots of transformations; for the moment I’m satisfied with the result, but mostly it will have some minor changes, according to the player’s feedbacks. 
  • Concerning the animations, I’ve slowed down quite a bit the lapses of time between them so as to make them less agressive (except for the bits that have to be the fastest possible as to not frustrate the gamer).
  •  The textures are temporary and a version with more details will soon be released, while waiting, the code that changes the colours of the game will stay the same as for the 6.0, the neon parts fits better as music and the metallic parts, as the power.

The menu: Make the player want to be curious even in the Menu.

  • The gamer can navigate now completely with the joystick!
  • A little character named « @mi » has been added to the homepage. It’s purpose is to give advice to the player and I plan on making it more and more interactive.
  • Now, a tuto for the main menu is presented by @mi at the first starting of the game and it is also accessible in the options.

The movements: make the platforming bits more accessible for the player. 

  • The bounces are now accesible during the moment the @v@t@r touches the platform. 
  • The player can also stick himself to the walls and WallRun.
  • An automatic animation happens when the gamer inverses the gravity and gets stopped by a surface coming from the top.

The options: give to the gamer the opportunity to customize his experience.

  • Now the gamer can change the gravity's value and the time during which the jump key can be pressed. According to my tests, everyone reacts differently to these parameters (of jump and velocity). There are 4 available settings: 

-Beginner: basis parameter that gives the opportunity to the gamer to take his time, to observe the environment and to quickly familiarise himself with the controls 
-Medium: the 6.0 's parameters.
-Advanced: rapid movements and high jumps.
-Modifiable: you can create your own settings that will be saved here. 

  • Concerning the rest of the game, I'll let you discover it by yourself, you can buy stuff in the shop and I' m sure you will find it quite amazing. 

To finish, some little minor assets can be noted as: 

  • A new design for the options in the Menu. 
  • Inversion of the appearance of the basic enemies (you have to hit the black parts to kill them). 
  • Correction of the bug making the character leave during level 1.2 's cinematic. 

Here some sketches from Charles-David BEDARD, the new concept artist of the project:
@v@t@r Sketch
@v@t@r View Sketch
There you have everything, I hope you'll enjoy playing the game as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Next to come: 

  • A level in which you'll be able to test and change the options in real time. The first " Special " level (already unlockable for those who will try hard) designed an thought by my girlfriend, it will be focused widely on changing gravity and you can find it in the 1.2 level.
  • Retractable claws.
  • A French translation and why not a Spanish one (if I have the time to do it).
  • A big optimization of the code.
  • An improvement to the animations.
  • Symbols of the active power on the bracelets.

Power Feedback Sketch



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Oct 19, 2019

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