@ntivirus 0.7.2 UPDATE

@ntivitus is back for it’s last Update of 2019 with a version 0.7.2 focus on ergonomics, readability and controls!

Firstly we focused on something crucial for us so you can start your @dventure properly, THE TUTORIAL LEVEL:

  • Jump room: Bigger, with more jumps.
  • Box Room: Boxes are now in the air.
  • NEW ROOM: Introduce the viruses and the life to the player.
  • Bounce room: Higher, you don’t constantly bump into the ceiling when you’ve reached the end platform.
  • Powers room: More scripted, indicates better where you have to go.
  • The Dash and Slowmotion’s room matches better to theirs respective powers (especially the slowmotion room).
  • A teleporter has been hadded to each power room in order to return faster to the central room.
    You can see directly what it looks like on this video :

The CONTROLS AND POWERS are henceforth smoother for the player:

  • Slowmotion Power: can make the player faster than its environment (instead of just slowing down everything).
  • Gravity Power: the jump with the power on have now the same height than the regular jumps.
  • Dash Power: less longer and faster to improve control.
  • Jump: Correction of a bug that prevents the bounce twice when the player is touching constantly the same wall. 
  • Menu Tutorial: has been renamed « presentation menu » and it’s more readable, less longer and can be interrupted whenever you want.

Finally, the game pass through some ESTHETIC CHANGES:

  • The Camera: seeing thru walls is less frequent.
  • Switches or @bit@nt: Are now infected by “Minirus”.
  • HUD: A visual feedback (inspired by the Moebius strip) starts when the player sticks on the wall.

Update presentation completed! 
We hope you’ll enjoy testing it as much as we enjoyed making it. A big thanks again to those who gave us their feedbacks! Concerning a game with so many non-conventional mechanics, having lots of advices is really crucial to keep some hinsight.

See you in 2020, @+!


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Dec 30, 2019

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