A downloadable game for Windows

Explore the system.
Many paths are open to you and each level can be resolved in multiple  ways. 
Be careful where you walk, evaluate your jumps and avoid traps. 
Carefully observe your environment and discover the secrets of this world. 
3 powers will help you in your quest (gravity, dash and slowmotion). Master them and they will help you cross any obstacles.

Destroy the viruses.
Pay attention to your environment and find the different flaws of your enemies. 
Attack with accuracy and control your movements with precision to furiously brawl your way in.
Your condition is linked to light. The more health you lose, the darker the level becomes. 

Set your experience.
Unlock and modify options so as to customize your game experience.
Your menu will evolve with your progress and your discoveries of the secrets of this world.

All Sound FX are made by myself.
Credit Audio:
Ashra/ Astrophysics/ Audio/ Carpenter Brut/ Cluster Buster/ C. Allen/ Dj Blyatman/ Dizkodeath/ Gydra/ Hoax & Tron/ Hollywood Burns/ Kn1ght/ Alt 236/ Lucy in disguise/ Macky Gee/ Mean Teeth/ Nightcrawler/ Mega Drive/ Noir Deco/ Perturbator/ Shredder 1984/ Shrust/ Steezboi/ The Algorithm/ TrpM/ The Gnome/Uamee/ Vulta/ Waveshaper

The soundtrack will change in the future, that's why I didn't already contact all the artist. Feel free to contact me if you want your song to be removed of this game.

Assets are made by myself.
@v@t@r modelling and texturing is made by Charles-David BEDART. @v@t@r animating and rigging is made by Terrence POTHIN.

Any songs or assets, which could match with the game, are welcomed and will be credited.

Install instructions

-Unzip the file. 
-Double click "@ntivirus.exe".

Don't forget to take a look to the "HowToImportSavegames" folder if you wish to import your progression.


@ntivirus 0.6.6.zip 590 MB
@ntivirus 0.7.1.zip 575 MB
@ntivirus 0.7.2.zip 552 MB
@ntivirus 0.8.1.zip 573 MB
@ntivirus 0.8.2.zip 615 MB

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The game is great, i love the mechanics and the focus of the game, everything is builded around moving, jumping a dashing around, and it works in the context of the game, like crossing your arms before breaking down enemys on your way, it makes you feel like a hero that can't never stop and has to keep running around.
The game is really fun, it has some level design Problems, but nothing unsolvable,it has a really good artistic style, and with some more focus on it, the game could deliver a really original and fun experience.
I really advice to try it out.

"it makes you feel like a hero that can't never stop and has to keep running around."
That's beautiful, thanks a lot!


Finish !

Excellent! But lvl1 is still not completly finished ;-)